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Alexander Lukashenko was born to humble beginnings in the small town of Kopys, Belarus in August of 1954. As a child he was often taunted for having an unwed mother but he went on to serve in the Soviet military and in his civilian life worked primarily in agriculture.
In 1985 he became the director of one of Grohets a state run farm in Shklov. By 1990 he was a deputy of the Supreme Council. During Lukashenko's early political career he developed the reputation as an honest man who was adamantly against corruption of any kind. In 1993 he heightened his reputation for honesty exposing more than 70 corrupt Belorussian officials including the Speaker of Parliament Shushkevich who was forced to resign.
The results of Lukashenko's hard work and apparent honesty helped him win the presidential election of 1994 by a landslide. Certainly an honest man of the people would help the people of Belarus.
Unfortunately things began rapidly changing. Absolutely no dissidence was tolerated. If one did not support the regime then they could be beaten, jailed, or even disappear. In 1996 the world began to really notice the changes in the government of Belarus.
Alexander Lukashenko was dissatisfied with the parliament thus he dismissed all members and handpicked a new parliament consisting entirely of his supporters. 
Since the changes of the nineties things have only gotten worse for the European republic.  In 1998 the European Union implemented a travel ban on Belarus after Lukashenko dismissed foreign ambassadors. 
Lukashenko has continued to alienate the west commending Slobodan Milosevic, trading arms with Iran and Iraq,  and even supposedly giving Saddam Hussein a Belorussian passport in 2003. 
The electoral process of Belarus is a sick joke. Lukashenko is believed to have organized death squads to kill his opponents before elections. In 2001 the only nation cheering Lukashenko's reelection was Russia who would profit from a new gas pipeline. 
During the 2006 elections Lukashenko publicly said anyone going to opposition protests would have their necks wrung  like a duck. He won 93% of the vote. Ten thousand protesters took to the streets that night but to no avail. Protest is worthless in the nation of Belarus.
In 2008 approximately thirty people were handing out leaflets containing information about the Declaration of Human Rights and noting some of the abuses committed in Belarus. These people were beaten and arrested. Recently Belarus has petitioned to join the Human Rights Council of the United Nations however Belarus will not even allow human rights activists to enter the country nor do they meet the human rights standards of the EU. It is almost certain that Belarus' petition will be denied.

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Long Live Autocracy!

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This article was published on 2010/04/01
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